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Legaleye Associates is one of India’s best full service law firms. We offer wide range of legal services in the areas of admiralty, corporate, commercial, succession, real estate and dispute resolution. We advise diverse clientele both domestic and international.

Legaleye Associates was founded about two decades ago with a zest to provide high quality legal services with expected degree of partner involvement and availability, top quality commercially oriented legal advice, attention to detail, responsiveness and flexible billing structures. We have gradually evolved on account of such unmatched client centric approach.

With around 20 years of experience, our lawyers in Mumbai are able to provide top quality legal advise and assistance. Owing to the vast variety and scope of our practice, our lawyers, not only, provide legal advice that is commercially viable, but also, enforceable. By utilizing the vast knowledge and experience at some of the best law firms in India, we are capable of providing high quality legal services at better and competitive fee rates. We take pride in the way our litigation lawyers successfully recover and resolve most of our Clients claims and disputes.

Moreover, over the past several years we have also developed the desired skills and expertise required to succeed. We are resourceful and proactive. Accordingly, we can leverage our resources and relationships to provide seamless multi-jurisdictional advise on domestic and international disputes and transactions. Our lawyers are always prepared to swiftly tackle the sudden and unique challenges.

We endeavor to provide legal advise and services such that matters are resolved easily. Moreover, we set for ourselves very high standards of professionalism. Our lawyers aim at providing cost-effective quality legal services whilst maintaining professional integrity at all times. We structure and tailor make our professional fees depending upon the complexity of the matter, commercial feasibility to suit the clients’ need and objective. This may involve hourly rates, fixed fees, retainer arrangements or a combination of these approaches. If mandated and necessary, we are also able to consult and brief prominent legal counsel of choice. However, whatever be the fee structure, our fees and charges remain fully competitive at all times.

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