Careers & Internships

Whether you are law student or a budding lawyer fresh from a law school or looking for a stimulating new work environment to expand your practice, Legaleye Associates provides a complete platform for building a successful and satisfying internship experience and career prospects. Your success will require hard work and commitment, but we are equally committed to ensure that you get all of the support, training and experience necessary to succeed in future.

Throughout our growth, we have maintained a collegian atmosphere of diverse and engaging people challenged by a variety of interesting work. We strongly believe this culture allows our lawyers to expand and succeed in the practice of law. It also makes Legaleye Associates a great place to work and often spawns creative legal solutions. Which, does not come not from text books, but rather from life experiences and interests of our professionals.

In our Firm’s practice, a lawyer must show an ambition of oneness, initiative and strong desire to excel. Our practice gives the same importance and the priority to our professionals as it gives to its clients. The legal background, recommendations and other things like that are not our priorities while hiring interns and freshers. We have faith in the aptitude to silhouette and build up our professionals towards the perfection. There is tremendous variety and diversity in our practice. We prefer to have go getters, self innovation and team work rather than imitation and show.

This provides a broad overview of our recruiting policies regarding lateral attorneys, law students and staff. If you would like more information about available positions and submission of your resume please e-mail us at