Estate Planning & Succession Lawyers in Mumbai

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Our succession and lawyers for wills in Mumbai advise clients on obtaining a succession certificate, probate or letters of administration in Mumbai from the Hon’ble Bombay High Court. Apart from drafting and advising on execution of Wills our testamentary and estate planning lawyers advise domestic and international clients in testamentary disputes before the Hon’ble Bombay High Court. We assist clients in obtaining heirship certificate and probates. We also assist international clients in matters where they have obtained a probate from a foreign court and authorities in Mumbai refuse to act on the same.

Besides, our succession lawyers aim to help members of the Indian community worldwide in ensuring that their loved ones are safe from serious conflicts and problems in their absence. We are gradually being recommended as one of the best lawyers for probate disputes. We are known for expertise in drafting of wills. Needless to state, if you need an estate planning and succession attorney or lawyers for wills in India that understands your concerns and gives you the best advice, our succession lawyers can definitely help you with every aspect of your estate planning.

Our succession and estate planning lawyers offer desired legal services worldwide in all estate planning matters. Clients turn to us to secure your rights, assets, estate of bank accounts, stock accounts and other assets in the hands of your beneficiaries with the least complications is necessary.

  • It is important to ensure that your loved ones are safe from serious conflicts and problems in your absence!
  • Our succession lawyers assist and advise on drafting of wills.
  • Our testamentary lawyers can assist you for obtaining probate.
  • We advise on testamentary matters to prove a will, removal of executors, appointment of receiver, challenging a Will and revocation of probate etc
  • We assist clients in obtaining succession certificate and/or letters of administration.
  • Our probate lawyers handle litigation and disputes arising out of contest to wills or claiming of estates.
  • We advise on partition matters and laws relating to inheritance by a daughter under succession laws.

Importance of Lawyers for wills and estate planning

Estate planning, Succession and testamentary disposition by will, succession certificate, wills probate, and letters of administration refers to the process in which ones assets passes from one generation the next generation. Matters related to succession or inheritance involves distribution of assets. Our succession and inheritance law practice involves advising on estate planning, succession and testamentary disposition by will, succession certificate, wills, probate, letters of administration, succession certificate, trusts etc.

Estate includes cash, properties, jewelry, provident fund; fixed deposit etc. Pertinently, an individual can arrange the transfer of assets in many ways; there are different tools available. It is wise to plan your estate early in your life. Should the unexpected occur, you do not want your loved ones to suffer. Certainly, it can be very difficult for family members to make decisions about your personal care and finances when they don’t know certainly what you would have ideally wanted. Moreover, there may be conflicting ideas about what is right and/ or wrong. Lastly, it is advisable to save your family from stress and possible conflicts by making sure your wishes are clear by taking timely steps.

How long does it take to probate a will in Mumbai?

Briefly, unless a probate lawyer understands the facts involved, it is difficult to estimate this time. Because, it largely depends on lot many factors. One of it being whether the will is going to be contested or not.

What are “Will” Probate charges in Mumbai?

Obviously, unless a probate lawyer assesses the value of estate, it may be impossible to estimate the probate charges. One may contact our probate lawyers in Mumbai to assess the exact probate charges payable in Mumbai.

Is Probate of Will compulsory in Mumbai?

Obviously, probate is not required exclusively on estates where the deceased died Intestate (meaning without a Will). However, probate should be obtained where there is a will. However, it may be necessary as being the best route to transfer the assets of someone who has died. Without probate, the estate continues to remain in the deceased’s name indefinitely. And, you won’t be able to sell them or keep registrations current.