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M&A Lawyer | Acquisitions | Joint Ventures | Private Equity

At Legaleye Associates, a M&A lawyer can help and advise you on structuring your proposed transaction. Besides, our lawyers advise clients on name and trademark licensing agreements and technology transfer agreements. We also undertake complete legal risk assessment and due diligence to identify potential risks, compliance’s and practical time-lines. We also help in identifying and implementing corporate protection mechanisms, such as minority protection rights, exit options, call and put option arrangements, termination consequences and regulatory matters.

Our Lawyers also assist clients by drafting of shareholders agreement, joint venture agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreement. Our Lawyers advise on escrow agreements, stock swap agreement and share purchase agreements. We can also assist you in finalising a scheme for merger, demerger and amalgamation & approaching courts for the same.

Legaleye Associates, Mergers & Acquisitions, Funds & Private Equity practice is one of the best law firms in Mumbai for Mergers & Acquisitions transactions. Lawyers at the Firm have advised domestic and international clients in restructuring transactions and drafting of transaction documents.

Motives behind a mergers of the company may be economies of scale: increased production. These lead to decrease in average per unit cost of production, increased revenue /increased market share cross selling. Besides, when a more profitable company is acquired by a less profitable, then, profits are distributed amongst each. This also reduces tax burden. Thus, a M&A lawyer can handle a full range of mergers, acquisitions and dispositions of privately owned companies, divisions and subsidiaries, takeover bids, joint ventures and strategic alliances; and substantial equity investments, mergers and schemes of arrangement/ amalgamation.