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At Legaleye Associates, our media lawyers advise celebritries, production and media houses dealing with motion pictures, television, talent and celebrity managements, brand endorsements, music, internet and digital media, publishing, outdoor advertising, social media advertising, public relations with workable legal contracts and solutions. Legaleye Associates is regarded as one of the best media and entertainment law firms in India.

Our media lawyers provide legal advise and assistance on

  • Talent, artist and celebrity managements and brand endorsements
  • Music and celebrity management agreements
  • Celebrity contracts and breaches
  • Due diligence and legal audit
  • Piracy and IP Rights management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Production Agreements
  • Agreements related to music acquisition and distribution
  • Production agreements
  • In Film Branding Agreements
  • Licensing
  • Merchandising
  • Internet/ Digital Distribution Agreements
  • Endorsement Contracts and breaches
  • Litigation support