Landlord & Tenant Lawyers in Mumbai

Landlord and tenancy lawyers in Mumbai, India

Rental laws govern the rental disputes of commercial and residential property and are necessary to enforce individual civil rights of both landlord and tenant and prevention of any kind of dishonesty. The root cause of the long process of Landlord and Tenant legal cases in the civil courts of India are due to the freezing of rent at old historic rates in the Rent laws of most States and the high value of properties. It is very difficult for a landlord to protect his property from unwanted overstaying tenants even after the application of the Lease and License Agreement system. Contracts are enforceable in court of law but then also it is very difficult to take back possession from tenant because of long delays in proceedings.

It has been seen that landlords along with builders and the local authorities connive to illegally evict innocent tenants and deprive them of their rights. Breaches in Leave & License agreements is also on the rise and it is advisable to consult with lawyers for leave and license in Mumbai.

For adjudication of these cases, special courts and competent authority is vested with jurisdiction to deal with leave and license disputes, rent matters, landlord tenant disputes, eviction of tenant, forceful dispossession of tenants, standard increases in rent etc

With around 20 years of rich experience our tenancy lawyers in Mumbai help and offer assistance to safeguard your rights. Speak with our expert lawyers for landlord tenant disputes in Mumbai and seek assistance of expert lawyers for eviction of tenant and rent disputes in Mumbai, India.