Employment & Labour Lawyers in Mumbai

Employment Lawyers | Labour Lawyers in Mumbai

Our Employment and labour lawyers in Mumbai have around 20 years of rich experience advising domestic and international Client on employment related issues. We assist clients i streamlining and complying with applicable labour and employment laws specific to their industry. In fact, in almost every aspect ranging from employment contracts, employee management to fair employment related practices and litigation. Employment and labour lawyers at Legaleye Associates advise state and central government employees on their disputes before the Central Administrative Tribunal.

Particularly, employer-employee problems, terminations, transfers, breaches, monitoring and enforcement of policies dealing with sexual harassment etc. We also advise on matters relating to discrimination, terms and condition of employment, structuring of bonds and HR policies.

Our employment lawyers in Mumbai advice clients on matters pertaining to gratuity, employee immigration, termination, central administrative tribunal matters, salary claims etc. We also advise on employment contracts and address issues involving discrimination, disciplinary action and promotion of state and central government employees. Our employment and employment and labour lawyers in Mumbai also advise on employment contracts, employees rights, employment and service contracts, labour disputes and Industrial actions, CAT matters, safety legislation, statutory benefits and trade disputes.

Cross Border Employee Management

We advise international on applicable employment and labour laws in Mumbai, India. We also advise on implementation, monitoring and enforcement of policies dealing with sexual harassment, discrimination, employee privacy. Domestic and International Clients turn to us for drafting of appointment letters, offer letters for consultants, terminations etc. Our labour lawyers in Mumbai, India are known for their drafting skills for structuring employment agreements, non-compete agreements and NDAS (non-disclosure agreements).  Our litigation lawyers represent clients in disputes arising out of their employment contracts. We advise on service matters, discharge, dismissal by way of punishment, transfer, harassment and whistle blower actions, disciplinary matters with respect to dismissal on various charges of misconduct on duty etc. We also undertake necessary legal due diligence and background checks for individuals and employees.

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