Best NCLT Lawyers in Mumbai


If you are seeking to resolve your commercial disputes under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) in Mumbai, then its easy to get in touch with us. Under the IBC code one can expect speedy recovery of a debt. In this process, companies may not only discharge their debt towards the lenders but also try to save their business after satisfaction of their debts. With around 20 years of rich experience, our NCLT lawyers in Mumbai are here tto provide unmatched legal guidance and representation on your matters before the NCLT. We advice domestic and international clients before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) at Mumbai.

Our NCLT lawyers in Mumbai advise and represent clients in their commercial disputes before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) at Mumbai. We provide assistance on matters relating to insolvency and liquidation of corporate debtors by financial creditor and operational creditor. We device strategies and provide top quality services in filing or defending commercial disputes involving corporate insolvency process application. Our lawyers help in overseeing proper implementation of liquidation process. Our NCLT lawyers also assist in recovery and execution, assisting in revival/ resolution etc. Besides, Recovery and Execution for operation creditor, financial creditor, RP, IRP, CIRP, Liquidation, Scheme, Mergers and Amalgamations etc. Our NCLT advocates also undertake due diligence for assessment of assets and liabilities of a stressed companies. This helps to detail the risks involved in taking over businesses of stressed companies undergoing resolution process.

Our NCLT lawyers in Mumbai personally appear in commercial disputes before the NCLT, and, can also engage counsel where necessary and mandated. Our NCLT lawyers in Mumbai at the Firm consolidate their experience and skills in dispute resolution and corporate practice to deliver unmatched legal services to our clients. We are recognized for our unique and professional client centric approach with direct partner attention to detail.