Trademark Lawyers in Mumbai, India

Trademark Lawyers in Mumbai | Infringement | Passing Off | Protection of Trademarks

Our IP Lawyers in Mumbai advise on protection and enforcement of trademarks. Domestic and International clients turn to us for advise and assistance in obtaining, safeguarding and defending their trademarks and service marks. Briefly, our trademark lawyers in Mumbai assist clients in

  • Procurement, prosecution, enforcement,
  • Maintenance, and
  • Licensing of their intellectual property rights


With around 20 years of rich experience our IP lawyers in Mumbai, India provide expert assistance in trademark litigation. We handle trademark litigation and trademark infringement matters. It is not uncommon to see that despite sincere efforts to resolve a trademark infringement informally with notices etc, the filing of applications and suits becomes imperative. In such matters‚ we are aggressive trial attorneys and litigation lawyers.

Whilst making claims ins suit and appropriate application one can also plead and claim monetary damages and injunction to discontinue the infringement.

At any stage during the lawsuit, the parties can also engage in settlement talks to resolve their disputes and this is how most of the matters are disposed.

Typically, brands benefit from higher customer loyalty and greater margins. In fact, most successful brands are driven by their brand equity. Also, a trademark enables you to set your brand apart from competition and gives you an exclusive right to be recognized through it and thus profit from it. However, unless one has his trademark protection in place, it is easy for others to take a joyride on the value you have generated over the years building your brand. Our Trademark lawyers in Mumbai can help you invest in your current and future innovations.

A Trademark is a sign of serious commercial intent and protects/increases the goodwill of the owners business. One files a trademark application in the name of the owner of the said mark. Besides, it is an evidence of ownership and gives the owner legal recourse against its illicit use. Not only Indian citizens but also applicants of any nationality can apply for registration. Pertinently, the use of this symbol on a mark which is unregistered constitutes a criminal offence.

At Legaleye Associates, our trademark lawyers provide a wide range of legal services to clients globally. Lastly, we take pride in our network relationships across jurisdictions. Most importantly, we attribute our success to having earned the trust of clients with integrity, focus and partner attention to detail.