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At Legaleye Associates, we advise and assist Client’s on domestic, international and foreign commercial arbitration and related litigation. The firm is into arbitration practice covering various disciplines of commercial arbitration seated in India and abroad. Certainly, Legaleye Associates is recommended as one of the best arbitration firms based in Mumbai with a team of best arbitration lawyers in Mumbai advising on domestic and international arbitration disputes. At Legaleye Associates, arbitration lawyers provide high quality value for unparalleled arbitration services whilst devising ways of resolving every matter promptly in a cost effective manner.

Our network of arbitration lawyers advise and represent domestic and international Clients in domestic arbitration, foreign arbitration and international arbitration to provide seamless legal support and assistance. Our arbitration lawyers in Mumbai are experienced in domestic and international arbitration. We advise and assist our clients with arbitration’s of all forms, including commercial claims, cross border trade disputes, breach of contracts, joint venture disputes, construction claims, maritime disputes, international trade disputes etc.

Some important considerations whilst agreeing to Arbitrate include:

  • The Arbitration Clause
  • Seat of arbitration
  • Number of arbitrators and selection process
  • Language(s) of the arbitration
  • Applicability of arbitration laws & rules
  • Jurisdiction of Court

Without a doubt, clients require legal assistance before a dispute exists, or prior to initiating legal proceedings. Pertinently, our services include helping them address certain pre-dispute considerations and counselling them prior to formulating and initiating legal proceedings. Our arbitration lawyers in India regularly provide assistance in

  • drafting appropriate arbitration clauses
  • providing ongoing advise and representation during arbitration proceedings
  • providing litigation support for appointment of arbitrators, seeking interim protection, setting aside arbitral award, post award compliance and strategies
  • Ensuring performance and enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Challenging of orders/ awards

Moreover, subject to the merits of the case, our arbitration lawyers in India have the ability and creativity to move for urgent orders and act swiftly. We work out dispute resolution strategies on prior internal discussion with the Client. Arbitration lawyers at the firm undertake an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of the case and prepare ourself accordingly. Similarly, we seek to resolve disputes at the initial stage itself. Lastly, our arbitration lawyers in Mumbai have the ability to gather resources. We can also work effectively with international lawyers and experts to deliver to quality legal solutions in cross-border disputes.