Testamentary and Succession Laws

Estate planning, Succession and testamentary disposition by will, succession certificate, probate, and letters of administration refers to the process in which ones assets are passed from one generation the next generation. Estate includes cash, property, jewellery, provident fund; fixed deposit etc. An individual can arrange the transfer of assets in many ways; there are different tools available It is wise to plan your estate early in your life, although it might not be at the top of your list of priority. Should the unexpected occur, you do not want your loved ones to suffer. It can be very difficult for family members to make decisions about your personal care and finances when they don't know certainly what you would have ideally wanted. There may have conflicting ideas about what is right and/ or wrong. It is advisable to save your family from stress and possible conflicts by making sure your wishes are clear, and that what you want for yourself is decided in advance. The Firm aims to help members of the Indian Community worldwide in ensuring that their loved ones are safe from serious conflicts and problems in their absence. One of the best lawyers in India for wills, probate, succession certificate and estate planning. If you need an estate planning attorney in India that understands the concerns of the Indian people, and can give you the best advice, our estate planning lawyers can help you with every aspect of your planning and arrangements. Many in the Indian community would prefer to be represented by a lawyer from India. Legaleye Associates offers legal services to the Indian community worldwide in all estate planning matters, and would be happy to help you. Legaleye Associates understands your concerns pertaining to estate planning and is committed to provide the Indian community with the best possible legal services in all estate planning matters. Your estate of bank accounts, stock accounts, properties and other assets, deserves to be secured in the hands of your loved ones with the least complications and Legaleye Associates can help with all of these issues.