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We are aggressive litigation lawyers prompt in assisting clients for challenging frivolous notice action under Sections 351, 354, 347, 381 of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act (MMC Act) and provisions of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act (MRTP Act). Everyday several applications are filed for obtaining protection and stay in respect of frivolous demolition action initiated by BMC Offcers. The powers of demolition under Sec. 351 of the BMC Act are typically delegated to the Assistant Engineer (Building & Factory) of the concerned Ward. In many cases it has been observed that these powers are abused and misused to harass innocent owners/ occupants at the behest of landlords, builders, societies and alike etc. Ironically, where action is supposed to be taken by the concerned BMC officers, they take no action as per statute and in view of the inaction and omission of the concerned designated officers of the municipal corporation to act in respect of genuine complaints regarding illegal and unauthorised construction, there are various provisions under the BMC Act, Handbook and Circulars issued by the Corporation where disciplinary and criminal action can be initiated against the erring officers. We actively assist clients in matters pertaining to frivolous action of the BMC Officers. We are also proactive in challenging frivolous action and filing quashing petitions initiated under Sec. 381 of the BMC Act under the guise of mosquito breeding or nuisance to harass some innocent people. We understand the plight of innocent individuals / occupants harassed in abuse of powers and process of law by some officers of the Corporation, we stand committed to assist clients in not only such matters, but also, matters involving Public Interest at large.