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Franchising refers to the business model whereby one entity (the franchiser) grants an independent operator the right to use the franchisers business methods and practices and can include the right to distribute products manufactured by the franchiser, use the franchisers trade marks and obtain training and other support such as international and national advertising. Such agreements are often for a long period with early termination by either party usually incurring serious penalties. The franchise model has become a popular method for overseas companies seeking to enter the Indian market whilst retaining control over their brand. It is also popular with Indian businesses seeking to expand domestically and regionally.

We are often asked by international brands looking to enter Indian retail market, and potential franchisees looking to acquire a franchise interest, what franchising laws are in place in India. The firm has experienced franchisee counsel, franchise lawyers, advising on franchise law and provide franchise legal advice and assistance throughout India to represent the interests of franchisees and prospective franchisees. The Firm provides franchise advice, opportunity reviews, due diligence and initial franchise dispute reviews.

We also help companies expand their businesses through franchising. We also draft franchise agreements and disclosure documents, we provide ongoing franchise compliance counselling. Legal advice should be taken on the specific terms and conditions to ensure the franchisor and/ or franchisee are aware of their rights and liabilities under a franchise contract.