Technology Lawyers

Technology Lawyers | Lawyers for Technology Transfers in India

We advise clients in developing, commercializing, and transferring technology, including the underlying patent, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property assets. Our lawyers can help you in structuring and negotiating software development and license agreements, joint development and strategic alliance agreements, content and database licenses, web development and hosting agreements, patent and technology licensing agreements and intellectual property acquisitions and asset sales. Non disclosure agreement lawyers at the firm regularly advise domestic and international clients on non disclosure agreements enforceable in India and abroad.

Legaleye Associates attends to information technology concerns, such as cyber crimes, online thefts, frauds etc, defamation. We provide assistance in defending against undue allegations of infringement. We also provide assistance in drafting or reviewing website privacy policies, terms of service, online business arrangements etc.

The Firm also provides legal assistance in Litigation and Arbitration pertaining to technology disputes, Domain Name Disputes, E- Commerce disputes and Technology Licensing and Service Agreements


As the name suggests, NDA is a confidentiality agreement wherein the contracting parties agree not to disclose “Confidential Information”.  One may also refer to an NDA as a confidentiality agreement, proprietary information agreement, or secrecy agreement. Our NDA lawyers are help you draft the NDA as simply as one may expect. Our lawyers manage this entire process online. The Firm also provides legal assistance on disputes arising out of breach of the terms of a NDA agreement.