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Legal process outsourcing | LPO services | Legal outsourcing companies in India | Legal outsourcing India

Outsourcing legal processes to our legal process outsourcing (LPO) team in India is a strategic move for smart organizations. We consistently and promptly deliver superior value and achieve the highest standards with a lot of time saving. And, we serve as your virtual overseas partners, ensure strict quality, integrity, confidentiality, no conflict of interest and on-time execution for each assignment. Also, our LPO service aim to bring the LPO advantages in form of value addition, cost reduction and timed operations. Besides, we combine legal knowledge and technical support to deliver best solutions at a very fair price. Pertinently, this enables clients to focus more on other business objectives and concerns.

Certainly, Legaleye LPO teams provide legal outsourcing services that maximize performance by use of efficient technology, defined quality standard prescribed and resources. Thus, international law firms, Global companies, Foreign individual attorneys, sub contracting companies and corporate legal departments, International global corporate houses, lawyers, law firms, and government agencies all turn to us.

In fact, outsourcing helps them to reduce costs without compromising on their defined quality standards. Consequently, this also increases their overall efficiency. Admittedly, work can be outsourced according to requirements of the clients and the type of services requested. Lastly, the type of work and skills needed for carrying out legal work suggests that only certain type of work can be outsourced. 

Legal research

Document, contract reviewing and drafting

Document processing services

Litigation support services

Legal claim processing

Secretarial documentation services

Deposition summary

Summary preparation

Due diligence reports research