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IPR lawyers at Legaleye Associates offer domestic and international clients a complete range of legal services.  That too across multiple disciplines to effectively manage and exploit any intellectual property.

At Legaleye Associates, our intellectual property lawyers in Mumbai not only represent the interests of holders of intellectual property (IP) but also defendants’ actions involving the enforcement of restrictive agreements relating to intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets. In fact, there are many ways of protecting (IP) intellectual property, and, our IP lawyers assist domestic and international clients in deciding the best way to proceed. Our IP lawyers in Mumbai pursue and defend against claims of intellectual property violations and infringements. IP Lawyers at Legaleye Associates have successfully recovered claims involving software licenses, software development agreements.

Pertinently, if you are an author or a creator of any intellectual property, our IP Lawyers in Mumbai can:

  • Research your proposed trademark or service mark and copyright
  • File necessary paperwork with the trademark office
  • Advise on the actions you need to take to gain protection against potential threats/ infringements

We can also help you draft and negotiate applicable contracts such as author’s agreements, distribution rights. Moreover, our IP lawyers also regularly advise on licensing, NDA’s and consulting arrangements. 

Lastly, if there is someone infringing upon your intellectual property (IP) rights or you are at risk of unintentionally infringing upon someone else’s rights, our IP lawyers can advise you appropriately and provide representation in litigation on your behalf.

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