Public Interest Litigation | Free Legal Aid | Community legal help and support

As a public interest litigation firm, Legaleye Associates is committed to help and give a voice to disadvantaged groups and individuals. At Legaleye Associates, our public interest litigation lawyers in Mumbai put public service at the center of our practice. Our lawyers are committed to litigating cases that advance the public interest, and our public interest cases are as important to us as every other case. Public interest litigation lawyers mandated at Legaleye Associates are exceptional at representing individuals in public interest litigations. We intend to pursue equality and justice for all. In our vibrant and diverse city, millions confront bias and barriers and our work activates the power of these communities as they lead the fight in interest of the larger section of the public. Their priorities drive our commitments to civil rights and to health, disability and environmental justice. Our lawyers are always willing to offer active support in tackling bigger problems and invest some of their effort to solve larger issues.

Legaleye Associates is always prepared and committed to public service. Our initiative is aimed to encourage a positive impact for larger welfare of the Society. As a part of our obligation to the Society, we offer free legal advice to defence personnel in active service of Army Navy, Air force, Fire Brigade Personnel and Police. The Firm also offers possible support to NGOs and sensitive matters concerning larger public interests. In exceptional cases, we also provide free assistance to the destitute and needy in their matters pending before the Hon'ble Bombay High Court.We organize collective action, build individual power, and demand responsive institutions. Our values are at the heart of all our work with integrity and humility, inclusion and accessibility, resilience and solidarity.