Securitization, DRT and SARFAESI ACT

Legaleye Associates makes an investment in understanding our clients businesses, enabling the Firm to provide strategic and practical solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our multidisciplinary approach, involving lawyers expertise in securitisation, securities law, investment funds, real estate, commercial law, banking, bankruptcy, enables us to provide our clients with sophisticated legal work on their most complex and challenging transactions.

Working as a team, the lawyers at the Firm have substantial experience representing clients, including issuers and corporates, in complex securitisation transactions and structured financings, including public offerings and private placements.

Lawyers at the Firm have represented clients in numerous asset-backed transactions, including securitisations of syndicated loans and consortium lending, credit card and trade receivables, consumer loans, small business loans, consumer auto leases, equipment leases, government receivables, mortgages and mortgage servicing rights. Structured finance is a wide term, which is usually used in context to describe a sector of finance that helps transfer risk. This transfer of risk as applied to securitisation of different financial assets has indeed opened up new avenues and modes of financing to consumers.

Securitisation and structured finance are important engines used boost the corporate and financial sector growth and activity. Legaleye Associates capabilities are global in scope, encompassing a broad range of transaction structures and asset types. The firm's lawyers have extensive experience in structured financings involving a full array of traditional and newer assets.

As valued business advisors, the Firm understands its clients' businesses and realizes the practical affect of its legal advice. Drawing on an exceptional command of the myriad legal and business issues involved in each transaction, the Firm connects clients with financing that fits their objectives.

In typical structured finance deals, the Firm undertakes the following services

  • Conducting exhaustive due diligence and analyzing the legal quality of financial assets proposed to be securitized
  • Strategising and planning the structure of the transaction
  • Drafting and negotiating the various transactional documents
  • Advising on setting up of special purpose vehicles
  • Co-ordinating with rating agencies, credit enhancers, underwriters etc
  • Issuing necessary legal opinions and reporting