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The drafting and conveyancing team of Legaleye Associates forms the integral part of the Firms practice. We have proficiency in drafting commercial and non commercial agreements. We are meticulous with drafting, documentation and perfection of land transactions after the necessary due diligence services have been provided to ascertain the title and status of prospective land vendors. Legaleye Associates is strongly recommended for their drafting and conveyancing expertise.

We specialise in drafting, conveyancing and vetting of all kinds of Memorandum of Understandings, Agreements and Deeds including agreements of sale purchase, joint development agreements, hire purchase, dealership and distributorship, lease and rent, partnership, business transfer, collaboration and joint venture, mortgage, loans and advances etc. The firm also specializes in preparing and vetting documentation relating to international trade and transactions. Our emphasis is on accuracy and timely delivery of the assignment.