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Our depth of experience together with our worldwide scope and network of local counsel, allows us to help clients secure, protect, and enforce copyrights throughout India. If a threat of infringement endangers copyrights, our litigation attorneys respond swiftly and decisively. Legaleye Associates is gradually being recognised as one of the best copyright law firms in India providing effective and knowledgeable representation on copyright matters. Legaleye Associates advise and assist clients requiring copyrights registration to secure protection prior to marketing of their songs, scripts, transcripts, computer softwares. Whether your creative expression is a literary work, visual art, performing art, sound recording, web design, or anything in between, lawyers at Legaleye Associates is glad to offer expert copyright registration services.

We represent clients in an array of copyright and related matters, whether those copyright issues form the heart of an infringement action, or arise as part of a larger dispute over publishing, breach of contract. We also advise Clients on preventing the infringement of their works, seeking damages from infringement through litigation or settlement, and defending against claims of infringement. Once a copyright is obtained, we assist Clients in protecting their rights, as well as preparing agreements allowing others to use or market their works.

We regularly provide opinions and legal analyses on the copyright ability of works, ownership of works, fair use, damages, and injunctions.