Alternative Dispute Resolution - Arbitration

Arbitration is a part of Alternate Dispute Resolution or ADR with other popular ADR processes like Conciliation and Mediation. Arbitration in India is governed by the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, seeks to consolidate and amend the laws pertaining to arbitration as were in force prior to 1996.

Some important considerations whilst agreeing to Arbitrate include:

  • The Arbitration Clause
  • Seat of arbitration
  • Number of arbitrators and selection process
  • Language(s) of the arbitration
  • Applicability of arbitration laws & rules
  • Jurisdiction of Court

Most of the times, clients require legal assistance before a dispute exists, or prior to initiating legal proceedings. Our services include helping them address certain pre-dispute considerations and counseling them prior to formulating and initiating legal proceedings. The Firm also provides

  • Ongoing advice and representation during arbitration proceedings
  • Litigation support for appointment of arbitrators, seeking interim protection, setting aside arbitral award, post award compliance and strategies
  • Ensure performance of arbitral awards